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SCPA EN Database

SCPA-EN-00358 "The Possessive Painting"
SCPA-EN-00357 "The Shadow Mirror"
SCPA-EN-00356 "Lost Memories: A Time-Altering Pocket Watch"
SCPA-EN-00355 "The Cryptic Key: Anomalous Artifact with Multiple Access Levels"
SCPA-EN-00354: The Corrosive Touch of the Copper Grimoire
SCPA-EN-00353 "Mimicking Mushroom"
SCPA-EN-00352 "The Leaping Phantom"
SCPA-EN-00351 "Memory Disrupting Parasite"
SCPA-EN-00350 "Chrono-Collapse Watch"
SCPA-EN-00349: The Echovirus, Type-V Infection
SCPA-EN-00348 "Chrono-Culprit"
SCPA-EN-00347 "The Time-Looping Watch"
SCPA-EN-00346 "The Choral Swarm"
SCPA-EN-00345: The Whispering Mirror
SCPA-EN-00344 "The Inescapable Cube"
SCPA-EN-00343 Spectral Swarm
SCPA-EN-00342 "The Shadow Collector"
SCPA-EN-00341 Anomalous Ink Pen
SCPA-EN-00340 "Doppelganger Mirror"
SCPA-EN-00339 "The Marble Knight"
SCPA-EN-00338 "The Apathy Parasite"
SCPA-EN-00337 "Chrono Inversion Bed"
SCPA-EN-00336 Insubstantial Wraiths
SCPA-EN-00335 "Ethereal Mimic"
SCPA-EN-00334 "Chrono-Crypt"
SCPA-EN-00333 "The Dreadful Lullaby"
SCPA-EN-00332 "The Incomplete Archive"
SCPA-EN-00331 "The Holographic Hallucination"
SCPA-EN-00330 "The Phantom Telephone Booth"
SCPA-EN-00329 "Iterative Construct"
SCPA-EN-00328 "Ethereal Mirage"
SCPA-EN-00327 Neural Disruption Parasite
SCPA-EN-00326 "The Infinite Maze"
SCPA-EN-00325 "Chrono-Anomaly Hourglass"
SCPA-EN-00324 Mind-Shifting Radio
SCPA-EN-00323 "The Fungal Infestation"
SCPA-EN-00322 "Amnesic Symbiote"
SCPA-EN-00321 "The Puzzling Enigma"
SCPA-EN-00320 "Whispering Swarm"
SCPA-EN-00319 "Chrono-Scope"
SCPA-EN-00318 "The Mimic Plant: Anomalous Flora with Shapeshifting Abilities"
SCPA-EN-00317 "Mirror Bug"
SCPA-EN-00316: The Parasitic Amulet
SCPA-EN-00315 "The Shadow Watcher"
SCPA-EN-00314 "The Seafarer's Curse"
SCPA-EN-00313: The Soundless Symphony
SCPA-EN-00312 "The Mimic's Curse"
SCPA-EN-00311: The Hissing Shadow
SCPA-EN-00310 "The Shadow Beacon"
SCPA-EN-00309 "The Clockwork Cavern"
SCPA-EN-00308 "The Gravity Shifter"
SCPA-EN-00307 "The Phantom Limb Parasite"
SCPA-EN-00306 "The Dream Weaver"
SCPA-EN-00305 "The Antimatter Sphere"
SCPA-EN-00304 "Echoes of the Past"
SCPA-EN-00303 "The Infinite Amulet"
SCPA-EN-00302 "The Fossilized Plague"
SCPA-EN-00301 "The Fractured Reflection"
SCPA-EN-00300 "The Shadow Weaver"
SCPA-EN-00299 "Mimetic Metronome"
SCPA-EN-00298 "The Conductor's Baton"
SCPA-EN-00297 "The Tainted Moon"
SCPA-EN-00296 "Chrono-Cube"
SCPA-EN-00295 "The Quantum Crypt"
SCPA-EN-00294 "The Memory Painter"
SCPA-EN-00293 "Spectral Parasite"
SCPA-EN-00292 "The Memory Dancer"
SCPA-EN-00291 "Infinite Tapestry"
SCPA-EN-00290 "The Phantom Draughtsman"
SCPA-EN-00289: "Shadow Lurker"
SCPA-EN-00288 "The Muting Mask"
SCPA-EN-00287 "The Memory Extractor"
SCPA-EN-00286 Time-Looping Hourglass
SCPA-EN-00285 "The Shadow Mirror"
SCPA-EN-00284 "The Memory Parasite"
SCPA-EN-00283: The Cursed Reflection
SCPA-EN-00282 "Frostbitten Fortress"
SCPA-EN-00281: "The Omnipotent Cube"
SCPA-EN-00280 "The Voiceless Choir"
SCPA-EN-00279 "The Shadow Collector"
SCPA-EN-00278 "Chrono-Displaced Relic"
SCPA-EN-00277 "The Shadow Crafter"
SCPA-EN-00276 "The Dimensional Rogue"
SCPA-EN-00275 "Chrono-Cascade Counter"
SCPA-EN-00274 "The Shapeshifting Scroll"
SCPA-EN-00273 "The Etheric Parasite"
SCPA-EN-00272 "The Phantom Phone Booth"
SCPA-EN-00271 "The Mimicking Marble"
SCPA-EN-00270 "The Phantom Broadcast"
SCPA-EN-00269 "Recursive Insect Swarm"
SCPA-EN-00268 "Chronoclysmic Film Reel"
SCPA-EN-00267 "The Phantom Pianist"
SCPA-EN-00266 Containment Breach Alert System
SCPA-EN-00265 "The Everlasting Torch"
SCPA-EN-00264 "The Euphoric Virus"
SCPA-EN-00263 "Phantom Limb Hive"
SCPA-EN-00262 "The Coalescent Sand"
SCPA-EN-00261 "The Amphibious Parasite"
SCPA-EN-00260: "Chrono Disruptor"
SCPA-EN-00259 "Omniscient Watch"
SCPA-EN-00258 "Phantom Crawler"
SCPA-EN-00257 "The Transmorphic Mirror"
SCPA-EN-00256 "Ethereal Poltergeist"
SCPA-EN-00255 "The Arachnid Anomaly"
SCPA-EN-00254 "Chrono-Slip Room"
SCPA-EN-00253 "Chrono Jumper"
SCPA-EN-00252: "Chrono-Disrupting Pocket Watch"
SCPA-EN-00251 "Hypnodiscs"
SCPA-EN-00250 "The Phantom Miner"
SCPA-EN-00249 "The Graffiti Prophet"
SCPA-EN-00248 "Spectral Silhouettes"
SCPA-EN-00247 "The Humming Construct"
SCPA-EN-00246 "The Living Shadow"
SCPA-EN-00245: "Phantom Roommate"
SCPA-EN-00244 "The Immortal's Notebook"
SCPA-EN-00243 "The Dreamweaver": An Anomalous Entity Capable of Controlling Dreams.
SCPA-EN-00242 "The Veiled Watcher"
SCPA-EN-00241 "Chrono-Collapse Hourglass"
SCPA-EN-00240 "Flower of the Void"
SCPA-EN-00239 "The Clockwork Swarm"
SCPA-EN-00238 "The Skin Thief"
SCPA-EN-00237 "Chrono Cocoon"
SCPA-EN-00236 "The Recursive Room"
SCPA-EN-00235 "Ethereal Arachnid"
SCPA-EN-00234: The Whispering Forest
SCPA-EN-00233 "The Ocular Shifter"
SCPA-EN-00232 "The Glass Menagerie"
SCPA-EN-00231 "The Shadow Collector"
SCPA-EN-00230 "Phasing Sands"
SCPA-EN-00229 "Chrono Chameleon"
SCPA-EN-00228 "The Shadow Key: Anomalous Portal to a Dark Dimension"
SCPA-EN-00227 "The Fractured Reflection"
SCPA-EN-00226 "Sonic Plague: The Sound Eater"
SCPA-EN-00225 "The Amnesiac Virus"
SCPA-EN-00224 "Chrono-Clock: Anomalous Timepiece"
SCPA-EN-00223 "The Whispering Woods"
SCPA-EN-00222 "The Laughing Mirror"
SCPA-EN-00221 "The Ticking Timepiece"
SCPA-EN-00220: The Tooth Fairy's Collection
SCPA-EN-00219 "Lunar Parasite"
SCPA-EN-00218 "The Fragmented Mirror"
SCPA-EN-00217 "The Inexhaustible Quill"
SCPA-EN-00216 "The Quantum Parasite"
SCPA-EN-00215: The Void Portal
SCPA-EN-00214 "Spectral Parasite"
SCPA-EN-00213 "The Time Looping Hourglass"
SCPA-EN-00212 "The Energetic Amulet"
SCPA-EN-00211 "Shadow Chorus"
SCPA-EN-00210 "Ectoplasmic Encasement"
SCPA-EN-00209 "Chrono Slicer"
SCPA-EN-00208 "Ethereal Ooze"
SCPA-EN-00207 "The Shadow Painter"
SCPA-EN-00206 "The Elastic Eater"
SCPA-EN-00205 "The Luminous Parasite"
SCPA-EN-00204 "The Shadow Seeker"
SCPA-EN-00203 "The Arcane Oubliette"
SCPA-EN-00202 "Chrono Echo Anomaly"
SCPA-EN-00201 "The Time-Lost Watch"
SCPA-EN-00200: Contortionist's Curse - A phenomenon that causes individuals to become incredibly flexible and contort their bodies in unnatural ways, leading to severe physical harm and eventual death. The cause of this curse is currently unknown and is being researched by the SCP Foundation.
SCPA-EN-00199 "The Shadow in the Mirror"
SCPA-EN-00198: The Enigmatic Inhaler
SCPA-EN-00197 "The Parasitic Orb"
SCPA-EN-00196: The Dream Weaver's Lullaby
SCPA-EN-00195 "Chrono-Slip Watch"
SCPA-EN-00194: The Cryptic Recorder
SCPA-EN-00193 "The Chrono Mimic"
SCPA-EN-00192 "The Shadow Architect"
SCPA-EN-00191 "The Reality-Defying Tower"
SCPA-EN-00190 "Dimensional Phasing Statue"
SCPA-EN-00190: Mind-Manipulating Parasitic Fungus
SCPA-EN-00189 "The Phantasmal Room"
SCPA-EN-00188 "The Shadow Seeker"
SCPA-EN-00187 "Viral Symphony: The Sonic Plague"
SCPA-EN-00186 "The Memory Stealer"
SCPA-EN-00185 "The Inscrutable Entity of the Amorphous Abyss"
SCPA-EN-00184 "The Silencer's Symphony"
SCPA-EN-00183 "Sentient Temporal Anomaly: The Time Weaver"
SCPA-EN-00182: "The Shadow Watchers"
SCPA-EN-00181 "Deceptive Parasitic Organism"
SCPA-EN-00180 "The Sentient Tornado"
SCPA-EN-00179: "Chrono-Crypt - The Time-Locked Container"
SCPA-EN-00178 "Memory Doppelganger"
SCPA-EN-00177: The Mimetic Wand
SCPA-EN-00176 "The Haunted Agave Plant"
SCPA-EN-00175 "The Gravitic Anchor"
SCPA-EN-00174 "The Sarcastic Spectre"
SCPA-EN-00173 "Chrono Coil"
SCPA-EN-00172 "The Whispering Shadows"
SCPA-EN-00171 "The Soul Stealing Pen"
SCPA-EN-00170 "Whispering Winds"
SCPA-EN-00169 "The Mimicking Molecule"
SCPA-EN-00168 "Spectral Hounds"
SCPA-EN-00167 "Chrono-Cube: The Time-Traveling Device"
SCPA-EN-00166 "The Imposing Watcher"
SCPA-EN-00165 "The Dream Eater"
SCPA-EN-00164: The Chromatic Monolith
SCPA-EN-00163: The Artificial Soul
SCPA-EN-00162 "Mimicking Smoke Creature"
SCPA-EN-00161: The Mimic's Curse
SCPA-EN-00160 "The Contortionist's Cabinet"
SCPA-EN-00159 "The Shadow Thief"
SCPA-EN-00158 "The Night Hunter"
SCPA-EN-00157 "The Elastic Room"
SCPA-EN-00156 "The Spectral Legionnaire"
SCPA-EN-00155 "The Submerged Station"
SCPA-EN-00154: "Sentient Shadow Box"
SCPA-EN-00153 "Chronomancer's Hourglass"
SCPA-EN-00152: Poltergeist Inhibitor Device
SCPA-EN-00151: The Fiery Abyss - A SCP Containing a Never-Ending Inferno.
SCPA-EN-00150 "The Elastic Enigma"
SCPA-EN-00149 "The Echo Chamber"
SCPA-EN-00148: The Cerebral Commune
SCPA-EN-00147 "The Glimmering Veil"
SCPA-EN-00146 "The Cacophonous Keyblade"
SCPA-EN-00145: The Cadaverous Choir
SCPA-EN-00144 "The Shadow Builder"
SCPA-EN-00143 "The Sentient Shadow"
SCPA-EN-00142 "The Submerged City"
SCPA-EN-00141: "The Phantom Phone Booth"
SCPA-EN-00140 Shadow Watcher: A humanoid entity with the ability to manipulate shadows for its malicious intents.
SCPA-EN-00139 "Transdimensional Vending Machine"
SCPA-EN-00138 "The Memory Keeper"
SCPA-EN-00137 "The Prismatic Gate"
SCPA-EN-00136 "The Transdimensional Parasite"
SCPA-EN-00135 "The Primordial Cavern"
SCPA-EN-00134 "Mnemonic Insect Swarm"
SCPA-EN-00133 "Dream Eater Parasite"
SCPA-EN-00132: The Mimic Molecule
SCPA-EN-00131 "The Infinite Museum"
SCPA-EN-00130 "The Haunted Film Reel"
SCPA-EN-00129 "The Reflective Specter"
SCPA-EN-00129 "Sentient Lightning Rod"
SCPA-EN-00128 "The Clockwork Archive"
SCPA-EN-00127 "Chrono-Slippage Amulet"
SCPA-EN-00126 "The Mischievous Mimic"
SCPA-EN-00125 "Chrono Aberration Bracelet"
SCPA-EN-00124: The Silhouette Watcher
SCPA-EN-00123: The Euphoria-Inducing Mask
SCPA-EN-00122 "The Beyond-Blanket"
SCPA-EN-00121 "The Memory Eroding Pill"
SCPA-EN-00120 "Ethereal Elixir"
SCPA-EN-00119 "Echolocation Mimicker"
SCPA-EN-00118: "Glowing Gooey Glob"
SCPA-EN-00117 "The Disintegrating Notebook"
SCPA-EN-00116 "The Inevitable End: A Containment Breach Simulator"
SCPA-EN-00115: The Melancholy Maze
SCPA-EN-00114: "The Shadow Puppeteer"
SCPA-EN-00113 "The Memory Thief"
SCPA-EN-00112: The Paradoxical Time Room
SCPA-EN-00111: The Serpentine Parasite
SCPA-EN-00110 "The Reflection Trap"
SCPA-EN-00109 "The Temporal Paradox Ink"
SCPA-EN-00108 "The Sleep Inducer": An Anomalous Device That Causes Instant Sleep in Its Radius of Action.
SCPA-EN-00107 "The Whispering Forest"
SCPA-EN-00106: Tunneler Parasite
SCPA-EN-00105 "Flicker Fiend"
SCPA-EN-00104 "The Memory Hunter"
SCPA-EN-00103 "Crimson Crawler: The Bloodthirsty Arachnid"
SCPA-EN-00102 "The Antimemetic Box"
SCPA-EN-00101 "Dreamwalker"
SCPA-EN-00100: "Phantasmal Echoes"
SCPA-EN-00099 "The Quantum Parasite"
SCPA-EN-00098 "Spectral Shadow Tendrils"
SCPA-EN-00097: The Inevitable End - An anomalous entity that can predict and bring about the death of any living organism within its range of effect.
SCPA-EN-00096 "Clockwork Correspondence"
SCPA-EN-00095 "The Ocular Parasites"
SCPA-EN-00094 "The Chromatic Plague"
SCPA-EN-00093 "Luminescent Parasitic Organisms"
SCPA-EN-00092 "Dream Weaver"
SCPA-EN-00091 "The Time-Looping Pocket Watch"
SCPA-EN-00090 Containment Report: The Echo Box
SCPA-EN-00089: The Breach-Inducing Butterfly Effect
SCPA-EN-00088 "Chrono-Vortex Anomaly"
SCPA-EN-00087 "The Empty Room"
SCPA-EN-00086 "The Portable Hole Generator"
SCPA-EN-00085 "The Dream Weaver"
SCPA-EN-00084 "The Hibernating Horror"
SCPA-EN-00083 "Temporal Anomaly Camera"
SCPA-EN-00082 "The Mimic Tree"
SCPA-EN-00081 "The Memetic Pandemic"
SCPA-EN-00080 "The Sentient Sculpture"
SCPA-EN-00079 "Energetic Entity Containment Device"
SCPA-EN-00078 "The Shadow Weaver"
SCPA-EN-00077: The Timekeeping Pocket Watch
SCPA-EN-00076 "Ethereal Parasite"
SCPA-EN-00075 "ChronoGaze"
SCPA-EN-00074 "The Dream Catcher"
SCPA-EN-00073 "The Penumbral Guardian"
SCPA-EN-00072 "The Mask Weaver"
SCPA-EN-00071 "Echovirus - The Mimicking Virus"
SCPA-EN-00070 "Whispering Walls"
SCPA-EN-00069 "The Automaton Orchestra"
SCPA-EN-00068 "The Musical Parasite"
SCPA-EN-00067 "The Contamination Incubator"
SCPA-EN-00066 "Chrono Disruptor"
SCPA-EN-00065 "The Puppeteer's Marionettes"
SCPA-EN-00064 "The Shade Weaver"
SCPA-EN-00063 "The Splicing Room"
SCPA-EN-00062 "The Memory Burrow"
SCPA-EN-00061 "The Unseen Sculptor"
SCPA-EN-00060 "The Bionic Bandit"
SCPA-EN-00059: The Chrono Crystals - Anomalous Time-Related Gemstones.
SCPA-EN-00058 "The Mirror Man"
SCPA-EN-00057 "The Gravitational Anomaly"
SCPA-EN-00056 "Echolocation Earrings"
SCPA-EN-00055 "The Echo Chamber"
SCPA-EN-00054 "The Chrono Anomaly"
SCPA-EN-00053 "Anomalous Energy Drink"
SCPA-EN-00052 "Ersatz Eye"
SCPA-EN-00051 "Blood-Draining Mosquito Swarm"
SCPA-EN-00050 "The Chrono Disruptor"
SCPA-EN-00049 "The Cursed Nails"
SCPA-EN-00048 "The Gelatinous Cube"
SCPA-EN-00047: The Infinite Library
SCPA-EN-00046 "The Mimicking Mask"
SCPA-EN-00045 "The Whispering Walls"
SCPA-EN-00044 "The Chronicle of Possession"
SCPA-EN-00043 "The Magnetic Menagerie"
SCPA-EN-00042 "Undead Plant Bulb"
SCPA-EN-00041 "The Paper Tunnel"
SCPA-EN-00040 "Infinite Labyrinth"
SCPA-EN-00039 "The Unseen Specter"
SCPA-EN-00038 "The Mimic Box"
SCPA-EN-00037 "The Memory Capsule"
SCPA-EN-00036 "The Ethereal Door"
SCPA-EN-00035 "The Static Entity"
SCPA-EN-00034 "The Gelatinous Sibling"
SCP-EN-00033 "The Infinitely Blooming Rose"
SCPA-EN-00032 "Viral Shapeshifter"
SCPA-EN-00031 "Sonic Specter: The Haunting Sound"
SCPA-EN-00030 "The Whisperer in the Walls"
SCPA-EN-00029 "Time-Looping Pocket Watch"
SCP-EN-00028 "Chrono-Cuckoo Clock"
SCPA-EN-00027 "Chrono Parasite"
SCPA-EN-00026 "The Nightmare Weaver"
SCPA-EN-00025 Cursed Stone Tablet
SCPA-EN-00024 "The Impenetrable Sphere"
SCPA-EN-00023 "Ethereal Apparition"
SCPA-EN-00022: The Clockwork Choir
SCPA-EN-00021 "The Eclipsed Eye"
SCPA-EN-00020 "The Mimic Box"
SCPA-EN-00019 "The Time Looper"
SCP-EN-00018 "The Enraptured"
SCPA-EN-00017 Contortionist's Cane
SCPA-EN-00016 Anomalous Disciplinary Rods
SCPA-EN-00015 Anomalous Facemask
SCPA-EN-00014 "The Visceral World Sculptor"
SCPA-EN-00013 "Invisible Hunter"
SCPA-EN-00012 "The Teleporting Portrait"
SCPA-EN-00011 Containment Botanicals
SCPA-EN-00010 "The Kinetic Sculpture"
SCPA-EN-00009 "The Soundless Choir"
SCPA-EN-00008 "The Chromatic Regenerator"
SCPA-EN-00007: The Mirror's Reflection
SCPA-EN-00006: "The Clockwork Eye"
SCPA-EN-00005: "The Amnesiac's Gallery"
SCPA-EN-00004: The Hollow World
SCPA-EN-00003: "The Sentient Chess Board"
SCPA-en-00002 "Haunting Memories: The Cursed Photograph"
"Anomalous Computer Virus: SCPA-00001"